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​Mosaic Daily


Mosaic Daily provides after school support for Mosaic students. Mosaic Daily ensures students have a safe space to go after school where they are fed, complete their homework, and engage in cultural, artistic, and academic activities.


​¡Mosaico Celebrar!

¡Mosaico Celebrar! gives students the opportunity to pick from different art forms and classes that explore their unique culture and heritage. Mosaic currently offers cultural dance, drama, visual art, music, and a cultural club! 

Mosaic YLA (Youth Leadership Academy)


​The Mosaic YLA provides a space for our oldest students to further their self-confidence, through learning essential life and leadership skills. The YLA program begins when students enter Middle School, and continues into High School with a volunteer internship. The program then offers select students the possibility of applying for a paid High School internship with Mosaic, giving many students their first job. 

​Mosaic Grows


Mosaic Grows provides one-on-one tutoring to struggling students referred by their classroom teachers, counselors, or resource teachers. Mosaic Grows ensures students have a personalized space to grow in accordance with their individual learning styles.

Mosaic Summer Arts Camp


Mosaic Summer Arts Camp provides the students with a four-week opportunity to explore various art forms with local and traveling Teaching Artists. Students have enjoyed classes in cultural dance, drama, musical theatre, visual art, photography, guitar, and the culinary arts. The Summer program closes with a performance for parents and the community.


Padres de mosaico

Parents meet once a month to discuss ideas and suggestions, plan parent fundraisers, foster interpersonal connections, participate in workshops, and receive community resources. Additionally, parents have breakout groups that further encourage deeper community, relationships, and culture safety and stability.

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