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​After-School Support & Enrichment


The after-school program provides affordable and consistent support and enrichment for Mosaic students. This ensures students have a safe space to go after school where they are fed, complete their homework, and engage in cultural, artistic, and academic activities. Struggling students are identified by their school classroom teacher, counselor, etc. to receive one-on-one tutoring. Mosaic provides a personalized space for the students to grow in accordance with their individual learning styles. 


​¡Mosaico Celebrar! - Our Performing Arts Company

¡Mosaico Celebrar! offers diverse and quality arts programs to children and adults in the Upstate community. Members of the Performing Arts Company perform locally at festivals and events. Mosaic currently offers a Dance Company and Vocal Ensemble.

Mosaic YLA (Youth Leadership Academy) & Internship Program

​The Mosaic YLA provides a space for our oldest students to further their self-confidence, through learning essential life and leadership skills. Students enter into Mosaic YLA in Middle School and can continue their involvement in High School as a participant, and eventually as both a paid and unpaid intern, giving many students their first job. The Mosaic YLA Interns form a unique class whose quest is to find college and vocational success despite the challenges they face.  They attend college visits, career observations, workshops, life discussions, and field trips.


Mosaic Cultivate

Mosaic Cultivate is a High School graduate program meant to assist former Mosaic Students with college/living expenses, encourage college retention and/or job success, and provide overall support. Students must apply and meet the following criteria: be a dedicated, passionate, former student of Mosaic, have served as a Mosaic Intern, and graduated from the Mosaic Youth Leadership Academy. Students accepted into Mosaic Cultivate will work as staff members during the school year or summer program. 

Summer Arts Camp​


Mosaic Summer Arts Camp provides the students with a four-week opportunity to explore various art forms with local and traveling Teaching Artists. Students have enjoyed classes in cultural dance, drama, musical theatre, visual art, photography, guitar, and the culinary arts. The Summer program closes with a performance for parents and the community.


Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee is compiled of a dedicated and diverse group of parents. This group meets once a month with the Mosaic Staff to discuss ideas and suggestions for our Family Engagement Events, plan parent fundraisers, foster interpersonal connections, participate in workshops, and ultimately guarantee the Mosaic Organization is serving and supporting the Mosaic students and families through their programs and initiatives. 

​Parent and Family Engagement & Resource Connection


At Mosaic, we believe that in order to address the needs of our students, we must also provide for the whole family through parent and family programs. Parents meet monthly to receive general communication, form interpersonal connections, participate in workshops, receive community resources, and find joy through engaging experiences with their children. It is through these connections that we can ensure success and upward mobility for not only our students but also their parents. 

Free Community Art Nights


Community Art Nights are a free event for everyone in the Upstate. At Mosaic, we believe that cross-cultural interactions are important for building empathetic, kind, and compassionate kids. At our Community Art Nights, we hope to build a cross-cultural community among families.

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