Our Teachers & Interns

Valeria Martinez

Valeria started with Mosaic when she was in K-4, and she is now a Sophomore in High School. She is a talented dancer and visual artist. Along with attending classes at Mosaic, Valeria began dancing at the International Dance Academy when she was eleven years old.


While only in Middle School, Valeria choreographed pieces for the Cultural Dance Class in preparation for Mosaic's Annual Cultural Celebration. After Middle School, Valeria has continued at Mosaic as a Cultural Dance teacher during the school year program, counselor during the summer program, and Visual Art teacher to Mosaic's littlest students during the Summer Arts Camp.


Valeria enjoys working with students and hopes to continue with Mosaic for a long time. 

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Said Corvera

Said has been coming to Mosaic since he was in K4, which is 11 years! He is now in the Ninth Grade.


Said enjoys dancing and has attended the IDA (International Dance Academy) since he was 8. Dance to them is a reminder of culture and diversity.


Said has always wanted to be a teacher/intern at Mosaic since he was little, and now they are. Mosaic has taught them to be the person he is today.

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Frida Leon German

Frida is 14 years old and has been with Mosaic since the summer of 2017 when she was nine years old, going into 5th grade. She interned at the most recent summer arts camp after attending as a camper for a while. This organization has made her so happy and eager to finally work as an employee. She has learned so much in these past few amazing years.


At Mosaic, she discovered dance as one of her passions, and now enjoys helping out in the class. These cultural dances help her bond with the students as they celebrate their differences together.

Frida is Mexican-American and loves to help the younger students find pride in who they are and be respectful of others for who they are.


Frida also loves to help these students academically since she has been in the position of having English as a second language, and wants to be a guide for children going through the same thing. She is now a Freshman at Eastside High school and is working to go to college in the future.

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Savannah Parris

Savannah began at Mosaic as an intern in the summer of 2021 and has enjoyed every moment with the kids. She is currently a Sophomore. 

She enjoys drawing, and aspires to be a Forensic Toxicologist, and has recently gone to Washington DC for a Youth NYLF Law and CSI Forum. Savannah loves to listen to true-crime podcasts and strives to find the truth 

Savannah wants to help the students at Mosaic to find efficient ways to study for tests, and do their best academically. She wants to teach the kids how to be kind and take pride into who they are.