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Youth Leadership Academy

​The Mosaic YLA provides a space for our oldest students to further their self-confidence, through learning essential life and leadership skills. The YLA program begins when students enter Middle School, and can continue into High School and College through our Internship Program and Mosaic Cultivate Programs

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YLA Internship Program


Eligible High School students participate in our Mosaic Internship Program which provides a space for students to grow their gifts and talents, and build their resumes. Following the completion of their first year, many students receive an invitation for a paid position at Mosaic, giving many students their first job. Many students continue with Mosaic throughout High School, and after graduation through our Mosaic Cultivate program. Other students take the skills they have learned, and references they have obtained, to a new business. In whatever path they choose, Mosaic provides the support they need to achieve their own success

Mosaic Cultivate Program

Mosaic Cultivate is a High School graduate program meant to assist former Mosaic Students with college/living expenses, encourage college retention and/or job success, and provide overall support. Students must apply and meet the following criteria: be a dedicated, passionate, former student of Mosaic, have served as a Mosaic Intern, and graduated from the Mosaic Youth Leadership Academy. Students accepted into Mosaic Cultivate will work as staff members during the school year or summer program.


Get to know us!

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Valeria Martinez
2019 - Present

Valeria started with Mosaic when she was in 4K, and is now employed through our Cultivate Program as a Elementary Teacher, and Latin Dance instructor to our MPAC Minis. She will attend UofSC in Fall 2024. 

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Frida Leon German
2021 - Present

Frida is 16 years old and has been with Mosaic since she was nine. She currently teaches Latin Dance at Mosaic alongside her mom. She attends Eastside High school and plans to attend college after graduation.

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Betsabe Fuentes
Summer 2023

Betsy has been in Mosaic since she was in second grade, and is now a tenth grade student. Betsy says being in Mosaic has given her a wonderful community, and she enjoys helping the children learn just as she has (and continues to do). 

Summer 2023
Nalla Fisher

Nalla attends Furman University, and is studying accounting and vocal performance. She attended Mosaic for 8 years as a student, and then continued through the Internship Program. In summer 2023, she was employed through the Mosaic Cultivate Program.

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Nahomy Vasquez
Summer 2023

Nahomy is in High School and has been in Mosaic since the Second grade. She enjoys going to Mosaic because it helps her feel connected to her culture.

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Said Corvera
2021 - 2023

Said has been with Mosaic since 4K. Through the Youth Leadership Academy, Said completed a volunteer internship and then worked as an employee. Collectively, he has been with Mosaic for twelve years.

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Savannah Parris

Savannah began at Mosaic as an intern in the summer of 2021 and has enjoyed every moment with the kids. She enjoys drawing and aspires to be a Forensic Toxicologist. 

2021-2023 Summer Interns
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Nahomy, Karen, Jeysell, Juanse, Lucas, Haasini, Nicole, Betsy, Kahyla, Ana Sofia, Dee
Ashley, Valeria, Said, Frida, Andreah, Nalla, Jessica, Lorena, Savannah

2023 YLA Interns

Ashley, Valeria, Said, Frida, Andrea, Nalla, Jessica, Lorena, & Savannah

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